Theoretical knowledge

The acquisition of a language is a highly differentiated process. The team of Linguazoom looked into this subject and on the basis of the knowledge attained built up their own online didactics. Several factors impact the success of learning. Linguazoom is conscious of these factors and adapts the courses in an optimal way to the situations of the students.

Factors impacting the acquisition of language

Biological factors

One of the most important biological factors which has an impact to the acquisition of a language is the age. It is never too late for learning a language or for improving language skills. But it is important that the way of learning is adapted to the age of the student.

Social factors

The most important social factor regarding the acquisition of language is the environment in which you learn. You should ask yourself the question, where and when you can emerge yourself to the German language. Perhaps for professional reasons you are often on the road and for you it's the most efficient way to have your lessons on different places or even in different countries. Perhaps you have children and you would like to devote yourself to the German language when they are in bed so that you can 100% concentrate? An online course offers you the possibility to choose the time and the place of your course, so that you can adapt it easily to your professioanl and private environment.
Furthermore it's important to look at your own learning biography: Which experiences have you made with learning languages? Which feelings do you have when you think about the language lessons in school? Do you have positive ore negative feelings and why? At the beginning of your online course you discuss all these questions together with your teacher. So your teacher can arrange your lessons in a way that you have just positive feelins during the course – an important element which brings success!

Linguistic factors

Depending on your mother tongue it will be more or less easy for you to learn German. It's also important for your teacher to know, which foreign languages you learned before. The teachers from Linguazoom know about the parallels and the apparent parallels (« false friends ») of the languages English, French, Italien on the one site and German on the other site. Depending on the languages you know already your teacher can show you the similarities between them and German and he can also point out possible pitfalls.

Individual factors: motivation and rhythm of learning

A lot of studies showed that motivation is one of the most important factors impacting language acquisition. A person who wants to learn and who has the possibility to apply what he learned, learn quicker and more effective. We from Linguazoom are conscious of this factor and that's why we set ourself the target to arrange our courses in a way that you can apply the acquired knowlege in the fields you need. For achieving this ambition your motivations and needs regarding the German language are discussed before the course. This information helps your teacher to arrange the course in a way that you can keep ore even increase your motivation of learning German during the whole course. And of course the time factor shouldn't be underestimated: It makes a difference if you can invest just 10 minutes ore half an hour per day for your German. Think already before the course about how much time you can find for your online course. Your teacher will adapt the content of the course to your time engagement, so that you can learn in an pleasant rhythm. Along with motivation and time there's also the type of learner which plays a role. It's important to know, which strategies you apply during the acquisition of a language. If you have already learned another foreign language, you can reflect with which strategies of learning you achieved your goals most easily. Perhaps you are a visual type, who has to see the words and the structures so that he can memorize them? Or you are an auditive type who learns most easily by listening? The communicative type needs to apply the language in a communicative situation and finally there's the haptic type who likes to use his hands for catching the new information. Together with your teacher you discuss the stategies already applied and the associated experiences. This allows to arrange your online course in a way that you can apply your stategies of learning so that you can learn efficiently.

Theoretical knowledge of learning

The combination of the four linguistic skills

The acquisition of a language goes via four channels: seeing, listening, speaking and writing. It's generally accepted that you can optimize the process of learning if you combine these four channels. Linguazoom has developped a method which takes into account this linguistic knowledge. By reading texts the student can see words and grammar structures. By writing his own texts he activly « feels » the word. By hearing conversations and radio transmissions he uses his sense of hearing and finally in telephone conversations he combines the two channels listening and speaking in an optimal way. Should you have more difficulties with one of the mentioned skills, the focus of your online course can be put on this skill. But your teacher will always combine it with the other channels of learning, so that your success is assured.